5 tips that will turn you into an online perfume shopping pro

Online shopping is a staple in modern society as a huge time (and money) saver.

But buying a perfume online can make you feel like you’re going in blind…

Nose blind, that is.

At AromaFi, we believe there is a perfect fragrance for everyone. Our experts are here to help you find it with our new and improved way to shop for scents. Here’s how you can get started:

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1: Read the descriptions

Perfume makers know that appearances matter. That is why you will often see pretty packaging, elegant bottles or even celebrity endorsements.

However, the most important thing you can ever find out about a scent is in its description.

Pay attention to each of the notes in a scent, specifically the middle note. The middle note is considered the heart of the scent, and it typically makes up a majority of the smell.

Overall, the notes will let you know how the perfume will smell when it’s applied, 30 minutes after it’s applied and even what the scent will smell like after hours of wear.

The better you know your notes, the less surprises you will have on your scent journey.  

Don’t know how notes work? This brings us to our second tip. 

2: Know your notes

In the perfume world, notes are descriptors of scents. Without a combination of notes, a perfume’s scent would be generally unpleasant.

Sometimes, the presence of one note may alter the perception of another. At every level, each note plays an important role.

The top notes consist of small molecules that will evaporate quickly, generally within the first 5-15 minutes of application. The top note is responsible for first impressions, and it will have the most impact on the person wearing the scent.

The middle notes are referred to as the heart notes, because they are at the core – or heart – of the perfume. These notes have an average evaporation time, usually within 20-60 minutes. The middle notes often mask the strong, sometimes unpleasant, impression of the base notes and help them to become more pleasant over time. A middle note is generally mellow and rounded, and they make up the majority of the overall scent.

The base notes combine with the middle notes to make up the main theme of the perfume. Base notes are big molecules that evaporate slowly, bringing depth to a perfume. These notes are rich and deep, and they are typically not detected within the first 30 minutes of application. These are the notes that will take six or more hours to evaporate. The base notes sink into your skin and linger for the longest amount of time.

3: Know the scents

Floral scents are often used in perfumes, especially in women’s fragrances. Traditional floral scents should smell like fresh-cut flowers. Subfamilies of floral scents include fruit, soft floral or floral oriental. The fruity category smells like editable fruits. Soft floral has a powdery hint and floral oriental has a hint of spice.

Oriental scents are rich and exotic. Traditional oriental scents smell sweet, like cinnamon and vanilla. Subfamilies include soft oriental, which has floral notes, and woody oriental, which consists of more earthy tones.

Woody scents are warm, similar to incense. Common traditional woody scents include cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver. Subfamilies include mossy woods, which is sweeter, and dry woods, which is smokier.

Fresh scents are clean and light. These scents are often used in men’s fragrances. Fresh scents can be herbal, citrusy or oceanic. Subfamilies include aromatic (lavender or woody), citrus (tangy), water (oceanic) or green (leafy).

4: Know your style

Now that you know more about the notes and scents, ask yourself what message you want to send out to the world about yourself.

Do you want to smell fresh? Do you want to be strong and sexy? Do you want to be subtle?

Notes can mix with your own natural scent. Take some time for introspection and think about which notes will compliment you and your personality best.

Pro tip: Don’t put too many limitations on yourself. Fragrances should change based on the occasion and mood. Have a selection of fragrances on hand and think of it as an accessory. 

Consider your personality type when selecting your fragrance notes.

Classic types may enjoy a fresh, floral fragrance while elegant types may to gravitate toward fresh and leafy (green) notes. A relaxed personality type may enjoy woody notes, while dramatic personality types may gravitate toward floral notes.

Step 5: Do some research

As with most products, it’s a good idea to check reviews before buying a product.

You might see things like “exactly what I had in mind” or “too strong for me.” Reading thoughtful reviews from verified buyers can help you determine whether or not the fragrance meets most expectations.

Whichever way you decide to go, you can feel safe while buying from AromaFi. We offer 100% authentic product, guaranteed.

Be sure to remember all of these tips as you look through our collection of perfumes and colognes so you can smell your best for less. 

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