How to Guide: Picking Your Perfect Perfume

You’re unique. From your smile and sense of humor to your one-of-a-kind personality, everything about you is you. Shouldn’t your go-to fragrance reflect that?

At Aromafi, we believe that there’s a perfect fragrance for everyone. The problem is finding it. That’s why we put together this guide to picking your perfect perfume, so your favorite scent can match the unmistakable traits that set you apart from the crowd!

Identify Ingredients that Work for You

Are you energetic and flirtatious or warm and comforting? Maybe you’re a mix of floral spring tones and citrusy summer scents. Chances are, you’re a complex person whose fragrance should embody that.

Having an awareness of the individual aromas that correlate with who you are is a great place to start. When you start combining those single scents into a more full-bodied package, you’ll have a strong idea of the perfume destined to be your go-to.

Try a Few

The first food you tried probably isn’t your favorite, your first crush probably isn’t your life partner (if they are, good for you!), and the first fragrance you try likely won’t be perfect for you. That’s okay! Life is about trial and error.

Rather than settling for a fragrance you like, be willing to try a few and find the one you love. You won’t regret taking your time to find the perfect pairing for your personality.

Consult the Experts

Whether it’s checking out the detailed aroma profiles Aromafi has meticulously put together to talking to an actual person about what scent might best fit you, consulting the experts is never a bad idea. They’re experts for a reason, after all!

Be Flexible

Like seasons, you go through phases. The perfect perfume today may not be the perfect perfume tomorrow. Whether it’s changing things up based on occasion or adapting your signature scent to the time of year, it’s important to build a catalog of go-to fragrances.

In other words, there may be several perfect perfumes for you! Don’t pressure yourself to settle on just one.



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