The Fragrance of February – Our Monthly Fragrance Review

February is a month of romance nestled in the transition between winter and spring. Feelings of romance and passion bloom in the midst of the chilly weather and first signs of new growth.

This interpersonal warmth is embodied by sweet and aromatic scents. From flirtatious hints of floral tones to the comfort of earthy aromas, a fragrance should compliment the mood of the month.

That’s why we’ve selected the following two fragrances: they capture the essence of February. Read on to find out how these scents can accentuate the vigor and passion that embraces you during this splendid month.

Hugo Boss Femme Eau De Parfum Spray for Women


Nothing says February like bold femininity. The Hugo Boss Femme Eau De Parfum doesn’t just encapsulate what it means to be a strong, sensual modern woman, it accentuates all the traits that make you the stunning and self-assured person that you are.

Flirty and romantic yet complex and energized, this scent is exceptionally balanced, making it perfect for a night out or casual daytime use. Spicy and zesty with just a hint of floral sweetness, this is the ideal February fragrance if you’re searching for an aroma that expresses the playful nuance of your personality.

Wings Eau De Parfum Spray for Men


Whether you naturally exude warmth and stability or you’re more of a wildcard full of energy and excitement, the Wings Eau De Parfum from Giorgio Beverly Hills will compliment and emphasize your best traits.

Comforting top notes of lavender are met with zesty citrus tones for a surprising yet balanced initial impression. That opening is followed by earthy aromas that are both musky and full of warmth. The result is a full-bodied scent that speaks to the complexity of the man behind the fragrance.


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