Top 5 fall fragrances for both men and women

Best Fall Fragrances

Fall is almost here, and it’s an exciting season for fragrance enthusiasts.

If you’re one of them, you’re probably already pulling out the fall-scented candles, cozy sweaters and plaid blankets before the first cool gust of air even hits your face. 

Of course, this time of year means your own personal fragrance should match the comforting vibes of warm fireplaces, crunchy leaves and hot cocoa.  

So go ahead, lovingly scoot back those summery, floral fragrances and get ready to trade them out for smoky, spicy and soothing fall comfort.  

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Most popular fall scents for men:

CH Bad Boy Eau De Toilette

5. CH Bad Boy Eau De Toilette by Carolina Herrera, $69.99

CH Bad Boy is a great scent for the modern man and matches with fall. It’s both confident and relaxed with contrasting characteristics that vibe perfectly with a new season. The cocoa and tonka bean base of this scent blends perfectly with grapefruit and white pepper, making it a go-to warm fragrance for cool weather. 

  • Top notes: Grapefruit and white pepper
  • Middle Notes: Vetiver and clary sage
  • Base notes: Tonka bean and cocoa 

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Legend Night Eau De Parfum by Mont Blanc

4. Legend Night Eau De Parfum by Mont Blanc, $49.99

This woody, spicy fragrance is the perfect mix to wear on a fall evening. The cool spices bring a lively tone to any occasion and compliment a man’s natural musk. This cozy, sexy scent is the perfect choice to spice up any romantic date night. 

  • Top notes: Bergamot, clary sage, peppermint and cardamom
  • Middle Notes: Apple, fir, cedar, lavender and violet
  • Base notes: Vetiver, black vanilla, patchouli and musk  

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Lagerfeld Classic Eau De Toilette by Karl Lagerfeld

3. Lagerfeld Classic Eau De Toilette by Karl Lagerfeld, $29.99

The amber, jasmine and musk blend is a perfect compliment to cooler weather. This scent is a classic staple in men’s fragrance that has stood the test of time. It’s distinct and original, and it’s one of the most popular of the all tobacco-themed fragrances for men. 

  • Top notes: Bergamot, nutmeg and sweet orange 
  • Middle Notes: Cedarwood, jasmine, iris, patchouli, rose, sandalwood and tobacco
  • Base notes: Amber, musk, oak, tonka bean and vanilla  

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 Invictus Intense Eau De Toilette by Paco Rabanne

2. Invictus Intense Eau De Toilette by Paco Rabanne, $59.99

This balsamic, spicy, whisky-based fragrance has a noticeable boozy note. The combination of amber and whiskey, when combined with the sweet orange scent, gives off an aromatic fragrance that is both spicy and earthy. 

  • Top notes: Orange blossom
  • Middle Notes: Black pepper and laurel leaf 
  • Base notes: Ambergris accord, whisky cream accord and salty black amber   

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Mr. Burberry Eau De Parfum

1. Mr. Burberry Eau De Parfum, $52.99

Inspired by London at nightime, this warm, earthy and cinnamon-y scent is the perfect combination of masculine and warmth. The sensual aromatic top notes of cinnamon and patchouli mix masterfully with the base notes of amber and smoky vetiver. Bold and masculine, it’s a classic combination that has mass appeal. 

  • Top notes: Fresh tarragon and spicy cinnamon
  • Middle Notes: Rich patchouli and lavender
  • Base notes: Woody amber and smoky vetiver  

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Most popular fall scents for women:

5. Lolita Lempicka Eau De Parfum, $49.99

This fragrance is soft and sweet with just the right amount of spice to slowly kick off the coolness of fall. It has a light hint of fruity fragrance mixed with warm vanilla. It’s a perfect, light-weight, all-day perfume for any occasion.  

  • Top notes: Liquorice, violet and vanilla
  • Middle Notes: Praline, ivy and iris
  • Base notes: Tonka bean, vetiver and musk  

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4. La Panthere Eau De Parfum by Cartier, $69.99

Built on a foundation of musk, oakmoss and leather, this warm and sensual scent is powerful, strong and bold. It was inspired by the prowess of a panther, so it’s fiercely feminine with woody notes of leather, musk and oakmoss with subtle floral notes.

  • Top notes: Strawberry, rhubarb, anise, bergamot and dried fruits
  • Middle Notes: Rose, ylang ylang, orange blossom and pear 
  • Base notes: Oakmoss, leather, patchouli and musk 

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3. Euphoria Eau De Parfum by Calvin Klein, $49.99

Flirty, feminine and mysterious – this romantic fragrance can be a go-to for intimate and romantic fall evenings. The light fruity notes with the sensual mix of violet and wood combine to make this fragrance warm, sensual and exotic. 

  • Top notes: Pomegranate and persimmon
  • Middle Notes: Champaca flower and black orchid
  • Base notes: Liquid amber, black violet, cream and mahogany wood  

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Gucci By Gucci Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

2. Gucci by Gucci Eau De Parfum, $59.99

This woody, patchouli-based scent is warm and earthy. It has floral top notes and finishes out with musk and honey, which are the most prominent fragrances to this blend. This sexy, modern fragrance is definitely a classic.

  • Top notes: Guava and juicy pear
  • Middle Notes: Tiare
  • Base notes: Patchouli, honey and musk  

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Romance Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

1. Romance Eau De Parfum by Ralph Lauren, $64.99

Romance is in the air, and this fragrance should be on you. This unique melody of scents includes spicy notes of oakmoss with a musky finish that is contrasted with a romantic white violet that gives it a soft, warm composition. 

  • Top notes: Red rose, freesia petals, citrus lemon and chamomile
  • Middle Notes: Lotus flower, white violet, carnation and lily 
  • Base notes: White musk, earthy oakmoss, patchouli and exotic woods 

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